Our Process

During the pre-construction phase, we pay close attention to:

Value analysis: We take your vision and help guide you to decisions and decision points with the owner before preparing and discussing the at will produce the most aesthetically pleasing project with the best value.

Planning for on-time completion: We carefully detail the timetable for each aspect of the job, then dedicate ourselves to sticking with it to completion.

Assembling the team: We determine who among our staff of highly skilled craftsmen is the best fit for each job, then pull from our nucleus of loyal, highly qualified subcontractors with whom we have a long-standing relationship. Subcontracted work might include such work as excavation and grading, site utilities, floor coverings. We then draw upon our list of vendors to get the best quality and value on such items as doors, windows, lumber, fixtures and tile.

Preparing the contract: We analyze all bids for conformance to plan specifications, compare them with budget estimates and review choices final contract. We proceed to the next phase only when you are completely satisfied.

During construction

In addition to the work you can see, Gormley Construction works on site and behind the scenes to:

•Manage the overall project
•Issue clear subcontracts and purchase orders to subcontractors and vendors
•Maintain a safe work site
•Coordinate and monitor schedules
•Identify and mitigate potential delays
•Conduct regular progress meetings
•Provide continual cost control
•Schedule and secure all required permits

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